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Voluntariado Jesus Con Los Niņos

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If you want to share your time with those in need, you can approach us and be part of our team.  The true generosity does not reside in the amount of contributions, but resides in the heart.  It's about serving and adding value to people's lives.
What we do for ourselves stays with us, but what we do for others and the world, is immortal and remains after this life.
Lets expect our work bears fruit in God's time. Start planting sees and God will bless you with a great harvest.
"Father, I pray that you make my life a river, a constantly flowing river of love and mercy for others.  Use me to bring hope and joy to those in need.  I trust that you will meet all my needs, that's why I'm able to concentrate on helping others.  I know I'll give You, whether I give a lot or a little".

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Richard Limardo Hospital
Ave. Manolo Tavares Justo
Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic

Or you can give us a call at 809-261-5569.

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